Starters Kit Autoflorescents

Germinar les llavors de cànnabis pot ser la part més estresante de tot el procés, però estem eliminant la improvisació amb el nostre nou kit d'inici. El nostre kit d'inici ve amb tot el necessari!
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Propagador Pro, amb perlita i il·luminació per garantir l'ambient perfecte per a la germinació. Tres llavors de nostra White Widow Automatic, un encreuament d'acte floració de la varietat holandesa White Widow.

  1. Retira las semillas del embalaje. No empujes las semillas a través desde la parte posterior, ya que podrías dañarlas. En su lugar, retira con cuidado el sello del blíster y colócalo en un recipiente pequeño para su uso posterior.
  2. Retira el kit de inicio fácil de su envoltorio. Asegúrese tomar la bolsa de Bacto desde debajo de la etiqueta.
  3. Mide un litro de agua tibia en un recipiente de plástico. Unos 25 grados Celsius o 77 grados Fahrenheit es la temperatura correcta, por lo que se debe sentir ligeramente fría contra tu muñeca.
  4. Añade la Bacto al agua y deja que se disuelva. Esto activará los microbios que son esenciales para la germinación.
  5. Coloca las macetas de fácil inicio en el agua y deja que absorben tanto como sea posible.
  6. Mientras esperas que las macetas absorban la mezcla de agua/Bacto, pon una capa de perlita en el propagador.
  7. Pon las macetas en el propagador sobre la perlita, permitiendo que una parte del agua de las macetas humedezca la perlita un poco. Ten cuidado – sólo debe estar un poco húmeda pero no empapada. El estancamiento puede causar que las plántulas se pudran.
  8. Amplía los agujeros en las macetas a unos 5-10 milímetros de profundidad. Un destornillador es la mejor herramienta para ello. Puede ser incluso más fácil mediante el uso de un pedazo de cinta para marcar la profundidad correcta en el destornillador y luego simplemente insertarlo en la maceta hasta llegar a ese marcador.
  9. Coloca cada semilla en un agujero separado. No importa qué extremo de hacia arriba, pero empújalas para abajo hacia el agujero de modo que puedan expandir sus raíces efectivamente.
  10. Pon la tapa en el propagador. A partir de este punto, tomará 1-6 días para que las plantas del semillero germinen. Hagas lo que hagas, ¡no abras la tapa! Si lo haces, vas a interrumpir los niveles de humedad y calor que las plántulas necesitan para crecer bien.

    By R. B. on 18/Sep/2018 :

    Title : Ok
    Comment : Everything ok

    By K. S. on 13/Sep/2018 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Easy to prepare the propagator and useful advice for an easy start.

    By S. W. on 12/Sep/2018 :

    Title : Very Pleased
    Comment : Like that fence paint it is what it say's on the preverbiale tin. Everything needed to get everything started. The grow medium plastics can be cut up so nothing is wasted, got 8 left in storage for the next run, Instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. Don't leave the batteries in when not useing as they seem to continue to run down. Out of four started, three germed within a week and two are now happy under LED mars hydro 300W.

    By G. N. on 30/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Super seeds alle came out

    By J. W. on 27/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Good but be patient
    Comment : This kit is good if you use it correctly. I had trouble planting the seeds initially as there was a contradiction in the instructions. Do you take the plug out of the plastic tray or do you keep it in? The instructions seemed to suggest both methods should be used. This is not true, keep the coir plugs inside the plastic plug trays. Keep in warm dark place. Do not mess around and look too much and be patient. 3 seeds used initially, 1took 7 days, 1took 9 days, and the last seed took 12 days to show.

    By L. B. on 27/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Wow
    Comment : Just perfect

    By M. B. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By J. K. on 13/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Starters Kit - amazing helper for germination
    Comment : Hi, I choose autoflower variant of this product. I was wonder, how great it works! If you want to germinate your seeds with few easy steps and amazing results! I recommend this product!

    By V. P. on 06/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Starter kit
    Comment : Fonctionne tres bien en trois jours les graines ont poussées de 1 à 3 cm

    By I. L. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By Z. C. on 01/Aug/2018 :

    Title : As simple as it gets. Great product.
    Comment : The temperature scale not very visible but otherwise a great product. First time grower and had 5 our of 6 seeds sprout.

    By F. P. on 01/Aug/2018 :

    Title : Start kit
    Comment : Un ottimo prodotto Grazie royal queen seeds

    By A. M. on 31/Jul/2018 :

    Title : Super Produkt
    Comment : Schnelles Growen mit unabhängiger Beleuchtung! Funktioniert genial!

    By B. D. on 09/Jul/2018 :

    Title : AWESOME!!!
    Comment : this is great all the seeds have sprouted really happy with everything, :)

    By S. B. on 27/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Stan
    Comment : Bien reçu là box et les 9graine plus qu’à attendre maintenant

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From Vito | 2018-08-10 13:05:55

Salve ma la luce del kit quanto tempo la devo tenere accesa ??

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You can keep the lights on until the seedling comes out of the soil 2 or 3 cms.

From J-P | 2018-06-10 12:22:40

Hello, i not find howlang the light must on with the starter kit.

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The light should be on all the time, since the seeds are put in the soil.

From Roberts Krumins | 2018-06-07 13:07:19

Hey, can you suggest some article about transplanting herb? Which is the safest way to not damage roots of plant and how transplanting should be done?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please refer to the following article for more information:

From Nicolas Geyer | 2018-05-28 17:20:10

Hi ! I was just wondering if you guys had some tips about how to put the seed germinator into a pot full of soil once germination has started. Any advice about the pot size I should use for the White Widow Auto ? Thanks in advance

Royal Queen Seeds Team

No need to remove the soil stocked around the young plants, in fact, avoid doing so as this risks damaging the delicate roots. Just pop the whole thing into whatever grow medium you’re using soil, hydro or clay pebbles. Please refer to the following article about pot size:

From Lord vader | 2018-05-23 21:35:58

When do the vents on incubator need to be opened? Also if seedlings hatch quicker,can you remove from incubator and re-seal? Many thanks

Royal Queen Seeds Team

This holes should be closed during the germination, and open them once the plant starts to come out. Once they have grown two or three cms out of the ground it is time to transplant they all should be out after 72 hours so it is not necessary to take them out separately.

From Ákos Kolisznicsenkó | 2018-05-23 20:19:46

How many degrees need to be inside the kit?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that with this product you do not need to keep a specific temperature, just make sure you keep it in a dark and fresh place. The starter kit keeps the humidity necessary for the germination process.

From South of France | 2018-05-19 00:45:32

Bonjour, pourrais je savoir quel type de lampe sont fournies avec le kit ? Peut on s'en servir jusqu'à 2/3 semaine de croissance ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that the purpose of this kit is germination only. Once they have grown two or three cms out of the ground it is time to transplant them.

From elisa | 2018-05-18 17:48:39

con questo kit posso far germogliare autofiorenti e femminilizzatti assieme nello stesso momento o è un problema?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The kit can be use with all the seeds.

From Michele Zola | 2018-05-18 14:08:36

Vorrei sapere le misure del kit, grazie!

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Once it is set up, the starter kit measures are 12 x 10 x 13 cm

From Riccardo | 2018-05-17 20:01:51

Come devo tenere le manopole sopra al germinatore? Aperte, chiuse, a metà?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that this holes should be closed during the germination, and open them once the plant starts to come out.

From Mikael | 2018-04-05 19:19:21

Le kit peut-il s utiliser plusieurs fois?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Absolutely, also bear in mind that we sell the Easy Start separately so there is no need to buy the whole kit every time.

From HobbyGrower | 2018-03-21 16:35:56

Hallo Zusammen, ist bei der Bestellung dieses Starter Sets eine einigermaßen detailierte Anleitung zum Umgang mit den einzelnen Komponenten ? Vielen Dank im vorraus

Royal Queen Seeds Team

There is a tutorial video in the product page with very detailed instructions on how to use the Kit.

From Bob brown | 2018-03-01 19:20:04

Do I leave the light on the whole time and how long should I wait till I have to replant it

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Yes, you can leave the light on during germination. It would lead the seedling to come out. Once they have grown two or three cms out of the ground it is time to transplant them.

From Jordan | 2018-02-02 23:43:06

Is it possible to buy the kit with 3 other kinds of seeds instead of white widow (AK automatic or Norther Light ?)

Royal Queen Seeds Team

All the packs come already made it is not possible to change them.

From Marco Finotti | 2018-01-27 09:40:38

posso utilizzare i cubi di lana di roccia (rockwool) al posto dei vasetti inclusi?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You do not need to add the rockwool, the Starter Kit components are enough to germinate.

From Joel | 2018-01-22 13:56:57

(Germany) Ist das autoflowering kit besfür anfänger als das Feminisiert kit?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

All our seeds are feminized.

From Yosi | 2017-12-29 00:48:31

If i buy 2 starter kit can i use it in like a year apart or is there a time limit

Royal Queen Seeds Team

There should be no problem, make sure you store it in a dry and cold place.

From KM R | 2017-12-07 17:56:16

Die angebrachten Luftlöcher. Wie lange und wann soll man sie öffnen/schließen ??

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that this holes should be closed during the germination, and open them once the plant starts to come out.

From Jacy | 2017-11-29 12:35:48

what sort of seeds are included? What kind of seeds are these?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

There are three seeds of White Widow Automatic included in the pack.

From tommy | 2017-11-10 17:12:42

soll des licht gleich angemacht werden und die ganze zeit brennnen??? am wann topfe ich diese um???

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The light should be on all the time, since the seeds are put in the soil. Once you see the first leaves come out of the pot you should place the seeds in a bigger pot.

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All cannabis seeds sold at Royal Queen Seeds are solely for personal use. We do not supply seeds to large scale or commercial growers. We reserve the right to refuse sale if we suspect this term is being breached.