CBD Oil (30ml)

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  • THC: 0.2%
  • CBD: 4%

    By Anneliese W. on 26/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Chronic ain relief
    Comment : I never thought it possible, but my mum has noticed an instant improvement to her chronic pain (on her leg and lower back) from day 2 onwards using your CBD oil. Moreover, the oil seems the reduce the symptoms all together rather than just suppressing the pain. My mum will not go back to taking any prescription painkillers which come with a long list of side-effects but has found an alternative remedy which has given her back a quality of life she had to do without for decades. I share our success story with anyone willing to listen as I believe as many people as possible should know about this 'miracle product'...

    By Helen R. on 28/Jun/2016 :

    Title : CBD oil for Autisum
    Comment : I havé been giving CBD oil to my son, 13yrs old, for the last 3months although very expensive it's worth it .To see my son less anxious and agitated is a relief for both him and his family . I have completely stopped one medication ( respardone) and have started to cut down his neuleptil ,he also needs less valium. There is no cure for autism and treating there behavior with medication is not answer. Cbd works for him and it 100% natural.

    By Celia H. on 15/Jun/2016 :

    Title : Gute Schmerzstillung und Beruhigung
    Comment : Danke, das Öl wirkt sehr gut bei meinen Rückenproblemen, besser als 1000 mg Ibu oder 1000 mg Novalgin. Außerdem beruhigt es das Gemüt. Wunderbar!!!!

    By simone G. on 06/Jun/2016 :

    Title : fibromialgia e cefalea
    Comment : Ho iniziato con qualche goccia e da subito ho riposato meglio. Ma per i dolori fibromialgia e cefalea bisogna salire di dosaggio. Risultati buoni. Aspettiamo per un giudizio finale un po' di tempo. Ora prendo tre gocce sotto lingua tre volte al giorno.

    By maurizio C. on 27/May/2016 :

    Title : CBD Oil
    Comment : Good product and good company Thanks

    By Alex J. on 02/May/2016 :

    Title : Cbd Oil
    Comment : Nice produkt.

    By Agnieszka S. on 28/Apr/2016 :

    Title : Pain killer
    Comment : tested in the treatment of sarcoidose. after 3 days to feel better. some days I forgot about the drops and again malaise. from kad I take regularly 2x a day a significant improvement. I recommend

    By Margherita G. on 26/Apr/2016 :

    Title : Ernia doppia alla schiena, emicrania cronica, forte depressione, fortissimi dolori dati dal ciclo,sbalzi di umore
    Comment : Devo dire che dal quinto giorno di assunzione di qualche goccia sotto la lingua ho cominciato a sentirmi meglio, ero più tranquilla mi sono sentita pian piano MOLTO meno depressa e più serena nei rapporti con gli altri e il mio lavoro ne ha giovato tantissimo!!! i dolori alla schiena sono molto diminuiti e dopo poco anche l'emicrania!!!! poi io nella fase pre-mestruale e durante soffro davvero moltissimo e devo dire che questo è stato un toccasana. Si insomma ragazzi ho buttato nella spazzatura tutti gli anti depressivi e infiammatori!!! e ultima cosa durante la notte ero sempre tormentata da incubi e devo dire che mi ha aiutata anche in questo quindi credo proprio che rimarrò molto a lungo una cliente fissa. Consiglio a uomini e donne di provarlo non rimarrete delusi meglio un prodotto naturale oltretutto biologico che uno chimico.

    By Verbinnen V. on 26/Apr/2016 :

    Title : fybromyalgie
    Comment : Ik gebruik ze tegen de pijn van deze ziekte en moet zeggen dat dit voor mij al een groot verschil uitmaakt. Kan weer dingen doen die ik daarvoor niet kon.

    By Jess R. :

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    By Erica F. :

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    By Luceta Ioana S. on 11/Feb/2016 :

    Title : For epilepsy
    Comment : I started a cure for epilepsy in august 2015, i since then taken every day from 6 to 10 drops or more. Is true that this product is keeping the seizures at bay which is awesome, but i was hoping for more than that. I was hoping to slowly substitute my pills with this. I will continue with the cure, though those drops are very costly for me that i'm already spending alot on my conventional treatment. Quality wise, these new drops are a bit worse than the old ones that royalqueen was selling. Are too thick, i'm having troubles to count them so i must divide them in 2 bottles and add olive oil to make them more fluid which is not really the best.

    By Free T. on 04/Feb/2016 :

    Title : insomnia
    Comment : The interest is caused by the insomnia and the RQS CBD oil is surely efficient but at present not totally; The oil is helping a lot, this is sure at 100% but i need to use it for more time to give an opinion more real and more objective. For this reason actually only 3 stars but i'm certain that this oil will help to win the war against the chemical products and so to evaluate it with one or two stars more. I have noticed that, maybe because of the winter, the oil is a little bit too much solid.

    By stefano S. on 01/Feb/2016 :

    Title : CBD OIL

    By Konstantinos M. on 01/Feb/2016 :

    Title : Price
    Comment : The best pure healthy and efficient medicine is very expensive for the person who need it and public health Funds does not cover the buy,Let the price become attractive and according to the capabilities of the average European citizen,there we have opportunity to demonstrate solidarity in ecumenical vision.Governments should subsidize the production and distribution of.

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