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    De R. H. on 27/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : Very cool product
    Comentaris : Everything you need

    De V. J. on 26/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : Volker
    Comentaris : Habe alles nach Angabe ausgeführt. Der Trieb kam nach 4 Tagen und entwickelte schnell 2 Blätter. nach 10 Tagen war er knapp 10cm hoch und bekam 2 weitere Blätter. Der Stiel entwickelte sich danach nicht mehr weiter und die Blätter fingen an zu welken. Um ihn zu retten, habe ich ihn nun nach 4 Wochen umgetopft und dabei gesehen, dass er keine Wurzeln gebildet hatte. Er war auf keinen Fall zu feucht oder zu trocken. Habe regelmäßig gemessen. Wäre schade...

    De D. F. on 16/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : dan
    Comentaris : royal queen toujours aux tops merci continuer

    De F. #. on 12/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : Brilliant!
    Comentaris : Just a brilliant little kit for anyone looking to grow a small stash on a budget. Everything you need is included, and it's funky design will look great on any window sill. Quick One seed absolutely loved the medium and fertiliser and was ready in 9 weeks with just tap water. Not bad for 25 euro!

    De Y. P. on 06/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : Yann
    Comentaris : Super produit, sympa et efficace je recommande à 100%

    De D. U. on 06/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : I can grow
    Comentaris : Excellent service

    De S. P. on 02/Jun/2022 :

    Títol : First time trying it
    Comentaris : the rder arrived realy fast with no problems, and some nice "gifts" inside, the igrowan it self looks real good, the seed sprouted in just two days and looks cool, im exited to watch it grow.

    De A. L. on 29/May/2022 :

    Títol : just get one
    Comentaris : i just started with my igrowcan ;) it's fun to set this up and also looks very cool . Later i'll upload some photos of progress

    De M. L. on 16/May/2022 :

    Títol : Fab Company. Fab Product.
    Comentaris : Igrowcan should be available to anyone who wishes to grow Cannabis. It's easy and so much fun. Takes roughly 30 mins to setup then sit back and watch a plant with so many amazing health benefits grow day by day. Love this product so so much I'm looking to gain sponsorship for me to promote and sell this over my Social Media platforms. 5 big beautiful STARS *****

    De M. L. on 16/May/2022 :

    Títol : Tout est ok !
    Comentaris : Pour débutant ou confirmé ce produit correspondra à vos attentes, je vous le recommande

    De J. B. on 16/May/2022 :

    Títol : Jerem
    Comentaris : Kit super pratique pour ne pas trop se poser de questions. Tout est prêt à être utiliser et facile à mettre en place.

    De A. G. on 10/May/2022 :

    Títol : Ottimo prodotto
    Comentaris : Una volta arrivato il pacco, tutto quello che ti resta da fare è aprirlo, attivare il substrato con un po’ d’acqua e si è già pronti per piantare! Certo, come anche detto dalla descrizione le rese non saranno le stesse, ma il prezzo vale assolutamente la comodità.

    De L. L. on 08/May/2022 :

    Títol : Laurent
    Comentaris : J'ai commandé l'igrowcan , franchement rien à dire concernant l'expédition, très rapide, reçu dans ma boîte aux lettres,mais un peu déçu car dans la description c'est indiqué qu'il y a les nutriments organiques,10gr biobloom et 10gr BioGrow que j'ai pas reçu dans l'igrowcan, comment ça se fait vu que c'est compris dans le pack? Bien cordialement à vous

    De W. L. on 05/May/2022 :

    Títol : Ikke
    Comentaris : Super

    De V. J. on 01/May/2022 :

    Títol : vince
    Comentaris : suite à absence du sachet biobloom et des graine dans l'envoi, RQS m'a carrément renvoyer un kit complet igrowcan ! merci au site, réaction rapide, généreuse, maintenant il n'y a plus qu'a !

    De F. M. on 06/Apr/2022 :

    Títol : Great product
    Comentaris : Very good set for beginners

    De P. M. on 05/Apr/2022 :

    Títol : Zygmunto
    Comentaris : Great product

    De A. P. on 05/Apr/2022 :

    Títol : Easy and Quality
    Comentaris : Easy to use, shippment arrived in no time, quality products. All you need in 1 starter pack. 2 . i will buy more soon. Thank you RQS!

    De A. S. on 01/Apr/2022 :

    Títol : Jednoduché
    Comentaris : Super jednoduché Použití, podrobný návod i potřebné pomůcky.

    De S. R. on 09/Mar/2022 :

    Títol : It's good for beginners or as a gift
    Comentaris : Good entry for everyone who just wants to try growing a flower for the first time. It works as expected.

    De K. D. on 07/Mar/2022 :

    Títol : Klaus
    Comentaris : Nice Birthday or Christmas Gift. Good Quality. The only thing i was not happy about, that there were only One Jiffy for two Seeds insight

    De M. C. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Títol : ripongo buoni propositi
    Comentaris : non ancora utilizzato, il packaging perfetto... appena lo uso, vi scrivo

    De Ł. D. on 20/Feb/2022 :

    Títol : Zadowolony
    Comentaris : Kompletny zestaw startowy, idealny na prezent, nasiona bardzo dobrej jakości. Puszkę lepiej zostawić sobie na pamiątkę a roślinkę posadzić w większej doniczce. Podłoża starczy na około 5l.

    De M. N. on 01/Feb/2022 :

    Títol : Heel leuk
    Comentaris : Erg leuk om als kado te geven :)

    De J. G. on 30/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : All in One Solution
    Comentaris : I have been looking for the ideal solution for my personal home grow and when I stumbled upon the IGrowCan I was astounded that it was a complete all in one package. Delivery within 2 days and a couple of weeks into the grow, I am extremely satisfied so far. Great product if you are just starting out or looking for an all in one solution.

    De A. C. on 30/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : Great for beginners
    Comentaris : I bought it to try to grow for the first time and the can is great. Comes with everything you need and you can reuse it to grow again, just buy the soil and seeds. Only thing I think can be improved are the instructions, which could be more detailed.

    De F. T. on 25/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : Recomendo para iniciantes
    Comentaris : Muito bom para quem quer começar a dar os primeiros passos no grow e não quer gastar muito dinheiro em material, simples e fácil e usar

    De G. B. on 23/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : Interessantissimo!
    Comentaris : Ho preso un paio di queste iGrowCan per sperimentare, e devo dire che il kit è ben fatto e molto divertente! In effetti basta pochissimo per provare, ovviamente la resa delle piante in così poco substrato è limitata ma a mio parere permette già di "prendere le misure" per un cultivo in cocco. Metterei solo due avvisi nelle istruzioni: controllare il ph del substrato prima di ogni altra cosa e aggiungere il BioGrow un po' per volta, invece che mixare la bustina completa nel substrato (eccessivo, alza troppo il ph, ho dovuto recuperare con flushing).

    De J. D. on 09/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : Buon prodotto, ma...
    Comentaris : Ottimo prodotto, completo per una crescita sana, i jiffy che si ricevono però sono diversi, a volte è possibile avere quelli classici, altre volte quelli di qualità, rigidi e migliori per la germogliazione; consiglio altamente questo prodotto, buona resa e qualità/prezzo 🌿🍁

    De P. L. on 07/Jan/2022 :

    Títol : great
    Comentaris : Great product, very easy to use, clear manual

    De L. L. on 24/Dec/2021 :

    Títol : Pretty good for newbies
    Comentaris : I got this product after I already gained some growing experience because I wanted to know if this is something I could gift to friends. The packaging is nicely made with good instructions, you cannot really fail setting up the can and germinate the seed. There is a second seed with the can in case you fail so it is kinda double safe. I personally suggest to give some more information about watering with the can since the coco soil that is given with it tends to mould pretty quickly if you put too much water in in the can since its made of aluminium and the holes in the bottom are small. Overall, especially because of the low price of 25 bucks, I can highly recommend this for people that want to get a feeling for how it is growing your own cannabis. The product would be even better with more detailed information inside of the can, because at the moment you can get most of the infos online but not directly form the can.

    De E. S. on 14/Dec/2021 :

    Títol : My first Grown!
    Comentaris : i choose notrhern lights, didnt had before any experience. It was easy for me as a beginner, but now my plant is 4weeks old and it looks gorgeous!!

    De P. S. on 11/Dec/2021 :

    Títol : Great start
    Comentaris : Has all you need in a compact package, and is highly reusable. Big recommendations to this one.

    De P. K. on 30/Nov/2021 :

    Títol : wow
    Comentaris : tres beau green gelato , je recommande !

    De J. P. on 30/Nov/2021 :

    Títol : German Green Guy
    Comentaris : Das Packet lohnt sich wenn man eine kleine Pflanze am Balkon ziehen will wenn man mehr aus der Pflanze herausholen will sollte man lieber anders ansetzen, aber an sich ein echt guter deal habe mir das Paket mit Green Gelato A. alles gekeimt und hat gut funktioniert.

    De R. M. on 18/Nov/2021 :

    Títol : igrowcan
    Comentaris : good product

    De O. R. on 21/Oct/2021 :

    Títol : Gran compra
    Comentaris : Perfecto para cultivar sin preocuparte de nada, solo riega la planta y listo, excelente producto

    De M. W. on 04/Oct/2021 :

    Títol : Papa Moll
    Comentaris : Kann man nichts falsch machen. Empfehlenswert für Anfänger. :)

    De V. B. on 22/Sep/2021 :

    Títol : Fantastico
    Comentaris : Non vi rendete conto della praticità del prodotto che avete! È davvero fantastico facile comodo veloce. Lo sto sponsorizzando con tutti i miei amici. Posso ritenermi davvero soddisfatto

    De R. E. on 05/Sep/2021 :

    Títol : I grow can
    Comentaris : Started with I grow can. CBD. Great delivery service, Quick and low profile.... In Ten weeks I hope to succeed

    De F. M. on 26/Aug/2021 :

    Títol : In one word! WOW!
    Comentaris : Very fast delivery, just a couple of days and the IGROWCAN seems awesome. Already planted my first seed. Clear and easy instructions. Perfect for my first grow.

    De K. S. on 23/Aug/2021 :

    Títol : nice
    Comentaris : Worked fine, simple rules

    De M. L. on 11/Aug/2021 :

    Títol : Perfect product i really recommend !!!
    Comentaris : All in one,easy to use,well spended money! :)

    De C. R. on 09/Aug/2021 :

    Títol : Wow
    Comentaris : Che bello....sta crescendo super bene...

    De C. F. on 30/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : Super!!!
    Comentaris : Very nice and discrete. I gave it to a friend as a gift and he loved it!

    De F. G. on 27/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : gsino
    Comentaris : Reçu très rapidement, mise en service illico, j’attends de voir sortir les petites, j’espère ne pas être déçu comme avec le kit de culture dont les leds n’ont plus fonctionné rapidement, j’attends une réponse à ce sujet du vendeur…..

    De O. K. on 22/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : Seems like a good product
    Comentaris : The instructions are missing tho

    De M. M. on 16/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : IGROWCAN
    Comentaris : Very pleased with the product, easy instructions and very practical

    De A. G. on 12/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : Quasi 4 settimane
    Comentaris : Sembra tutto ok bella confezione peccato il libretto delle istruzioni senza lingua italiana

    De C. M. on 09/Jul/2021 :

    Títol : Crimax
    Comentaris : Franchement reçu en 3 jours commander le 5 au soir reçu le 8 juillet après avoir par la suite plus tôt content la

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