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Marguerite Arnold

Escric sobre: Legalització, marihuana medicinal, blockchain

Marguerite Arnold is a writer, technologist and American expat. She covers the cannabis and blockchain industries from Europe while launching MedPayRx, a first of its kind blockchain-based startup engaging the medical cannabis community as a core niche, first adopter base.

Marguerite Arnold is a seasoned creative and technologist.

She began her career in the United States. She first worked on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. She then moved into digital filmmaking before it was cool. Her work as a documentary filmmaker helped change national policy. She then worked in banking and finance in New York City, where she participated in cutting-edge tech and finance projects for big banks and tech companies.

Marguerite has lived in Germany since 2013, and has covered the cannabis and tech space exclusively as a writer since that time. Her first book, Green, was about the pace of global cannabis legalization in 2014. She has also earned an EMBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

These days, she is also launching MedPayRx, a blockchain-based insurtech startup. Based in Germany, it aspires to be the first insurance and banking solution for the cannabis industry that also works for every day prescriptions and mainstream insurance.

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