Revisor RQS Cannabis Chef & Educator at the Trichome Institute

Brandon Allen

Expert en: Cannabis Chef & Educator

Brandon Allen is an award-winning chef who specialises in working with cannabis. Passionate about cannabis, food, and cannabis-imbued food, Brandon believes that the culinary world and cannabis world can work together symbiotically, with one improving the other.

“Cannabis is a vessel to educate the world about food”.

Brandon Allen is a classically trained chef who studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he did his apprenticeship with Master Chef Shawn Culp, of Culinary Team USA. He has competed in numerous competitions throughout his culinary education, preparing him for the day he earned the first-ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef title.

Brandon is a partner and educator with the Trichome Institute, a cannabis education company that specialises in training cannabis consultants, consumers, connoisseurs, and chefs. Ultimately, Brandon’s mission is to utilise cannabis to educate the world about food, while using food as a vessel to inform the world about cannabis.

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