De C. S. on 27/Mar/2024 :

    Títol : Plants are lovely and lush
    Comentaris : Been using once a month as spray on plant and soil plant look lovely and green

    De A. S. on 21/Mar/2024 :

    Títol : Efficace
    Comentaris : Dare alle piante un "inizio" sano significa sostanze nutritive, sostanze nutritive, sostanze nutritive. Utile per fornire supporto anche dopo la fase di trapianto

    De M. H. on 18/Oct/2023 :

    Títol : My plants look much happier
    Comentaris : I got this stuff about two week ago and gave my plants a root drench and it has really picked them up and the buds even though they are in week five of flower they have ramped up the stink levels with extra fruit smell and look more sugary coated and the sticky ness has gone to a different level on my watermelon auto flower all three got a drench I’m super excited to try these babies would recommend this stuff to my fellow brothers from another mother and my sisters from another mister 👍

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